Wearable technology or wearables are smart electronic devices (electronic device with microcontrollers) that can be worn on the body as implant or accessories. The designs often incorporate practical functions and features. Smart watches and fitness trackers are most known wearables. Get connected and stay up-to-speed with smartwatches, a family of complex timepieces that have been designed to help you live, work and play a little smarter. Or choose a fitness tracker to count every step, track your sleeping patterns, and watch those calories burn. Choose from sporty models in a range of eye-catching colours, or handsome pieces that combine beauty, brains, and contemporary style.



Misfit is an American consumer electronics company founded in 2011 and produce elegant activity and sleep trackers that encourage and inspire you to live a more active life. Find out how active you are every day, and set goals to improve. Misfit trackers fit seamlessly into your life. They’re beautiful enough to wear all day, every day—and with a non-charging design that boasts up to six months of continuous use, they’re powerful enough, too. Automatically track steps, distance, and sleep quality and duration. Makes your smartphone your home base for health insight by logging your food intake, weight, or connecting with an active social community. Choose from the multiple features and styles that matter most to you, and find your perfect Misfit.

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